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Hundred Vitamins Review

This post is sponsored by Hundred Personalized Vitamins.  I only work with brands I love, so thank you for helping me to support them.

I’ve talked many times about personalized nutrition.  Just like every person’s fingerprint is different, so is his/her body’s nutritional needs.  Some people absorb vitamins and minerals differently, some need more of one and not another.  This is all based on genetics, physical activity, and nutrition.  I am no expert in this, as most people aren’t.  Which is why I tried Hundred personalized vitamin service.  There is a link for 30% off at the end of this post!

Here’s how to sign up you go to their website: hundred.com and fill out a 5 minute questionnaire.  It covers your activity level, allergies, current issues like lack of energy/loss of hair/breaking out/ poor sleep/ even low sex drive etc, and then sends you your first month of personalized individual daily vitamin packets.  I’ve been taking my vitamins for about a month now, and have definitely noticed a difference in my overall energy and sleep.  I received my monthly individual packets that include Curcumin and Krill Oil, as well as these CLA energy pills that are a great pick me up midday.  

Each vitamin plan is put together by a nutrition scientist for you.  You then have monthly check-ins with your nutritionist to tweak anything you need to.  This service supports you month to month to make sure you’re on the right plan for your changing body needs. If you get pregnant, are training for a marathon, etc… your nutrition scientist will update your monthly vitamins to help better fuel your body. For example, I’ve started a new running program and have been more sore than normal.  I will discuss this new training schedule and what my aches and pains are with my nutritionist and he/she will send a new monthly box of personalized vitamins.  I’m excited to see how they help! 

That all being said, what really got me excited about Hundred is their holistic and natural approach to vitamins.  Did you know the FDA does not regulate vitamin manufacturing?  So MANY of the national brands use fillers in their products to produce more at a cheaper cost.  This is not the case with Hundred.  First of all, they give you a fully transparent list of ingredients for each of your vitamins.  You’ll see when you look through these ingredients that they never add synthetic fillers, artificial colors, mercury or soybean oil to their products.  Each product is also promised to be gluten-free, NON-GMO, and heavy metal free.  They also perform routine quality checks.  

I’m sure you can see why I am so excited about this service.  As I stated above I am a month in and so far love it.  I am looking forward to tweaking my current plan and achieving even better fitness, sleep, and overall health.  Thank you, Hundred, for providing a fantastic service.  You can go to Hundred and sign up for your first and 2nd month for 30% off!  If you have tried Hundred  I would love to hear how you enjoyed your experience!

This post is sponsored by Hundred Personalized Vitamins. 

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