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About Jessica Hughes

Founder of Happily Hughes, mother of two beautiful kids, , is a seasoned Commercial Content Creator and Consultant specializing in Lifestyle, family, fitness, fashion, travel, and home. Featured in Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and more, she drives engagement with 540K weekly Instagram impressions and a 4% conversion rate. With a decade of experience, she offers high-end commercial content creation, corporate consulting, and individual media kit audits. Her blog, Happily Hughes, is a thriving community empowering women to balance work, family and self-care.

Some Brands Jess has Worked With


Your Fullest Life, Reimagined.



Happily Hughes is synonymous with high-end excellence, offering a touch of luxury and sophistication while being the perfect blend of fun and colorful, high class and witty smart-assery. We exude an air of honesty and integrity while maintaining a down-to-earth, playful sense of humor.

We’re unapologetically authentic, delightfully entertaining, and relentlessly committed to delivering top-notch content and experiences. We are steadfast in our commitment to empower women to craft the lives they yarn for, not only for their own fulfillment, but to serve as a powerful example for their children. We’re the unwavering epitome of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the limitless potential every woman possesses.

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