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Why Stabilization Exercises are Important

Curious why stabilization exercises are important? Popular Atlanta Fitness Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing the importance of stabilization exercises here!

I have been doing stabilization exercises for the last couple years.  If you saw my workout on Instagram today, I focused on arm and abdominal stabilization.  I highly recommend doing these types of exercises for all your major muscle groups weekly.  I focus on arms/abs one day and legs/booty one day.  If you cant squeeze these in weekly, at least try to do bi-monthly.  

Here is why stabilization workouts are so important: 

  • They work the smaller muscles groups.  We tend to focus on our larger muscles (biceps, triceps, quads etc) but the smaller muscles groups are what help prevent injuries and improve our posture.  Three such muscles are the
    • multifidus- supports your spinal column (I work this in my Instagram workout video today)
    • gluteus medius- supports your hips 
    • And your rotator cuff muscles in your shoulder (also worked in the video I posted) 
  • Having strong stabilization allows you to lift more efficiently and more weight!  If not only your major muscle groups are stronger, but your smaller muscles groups as well, you will have an easier time moving those barbells, dumbbells etc. 
  • As I mentioned before, injury prevention.  Stronger stabilizers support your tendons and ligaments, as well as your posture as you move.  This can dramatically reduce your possibility of an injury.
  • It’s such a great workout!  Moving ALL of your muscles makes you burn more calories faster.
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