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Cardio and Why It’s Important

Please discuss any changes to your fitness routine with your doctor!

Ok don’t get me wrong, I strongly dislike cardio.  Always have.  I am slowly learning to love it because of all of it’s health benefits though.  Plus, I do have to say that the “runners high” is actually a thing!  Who knew?  If you need a little extra kick in the butt to get your cardio on, here are several reasons why cardio is important for your health: 

  • Lowers your blood pressure 
  • Improves your cardiovascular health.  This can, in turn, lower your cholesterol.  
  • Strengthens your immune system.  Especially important during a pandemic don’t you think? 
  • Improves brain power.
  • Lowers stress. 
  • Increases endorphins.  I don’t know about you but I’ll take all the extra endorphins I can get right now!
  • Affordable and easy to do.  Head to my instagram to get some great and easy cardio workouts!

Doctors recommend at least 75 minutes of moderate to vigorous cardiovascular exercise a week to see the above benefits. I have been doing 35 minutes or more of cardio 4x a week.  I switch between running, the stair stepper, jumping rope, and running some more.  I have a Whoop, so I can really see the positive changes in my overall heart rate and blood pressure.

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