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Guest Makeup Blogger Rocy

I am so honored to have Rocy as a guest blogger!  She’s kicking off my new month long series “The Revamped Mama” with her go-to tips and tricks to look fabulous! 
I was asked by sweet Jessica to share some of my beauty secrets with you all. I am a full-time momma and a self taught makeup artist. I enjoy everything makeup related and love to help beautify others. As a momma sometimes we find it hard to find the time to get a full face of makeup on.  Im going to share with you some quick out-the-door tips to look your best when in a hurry.  

What I always tell others is to choose your favorite feature of your face ex. eyes, cheeks, lips ect. For me it’s either my eyes or lips. So what I’Il do if Im in a hurry is I’ll add a quick cream shadow on (preferably a light color, its easiest and not too much blending needed.) 
 Chanel Ombre Cream Shadow in Emereville

Then I’ll add my favorite mascara (lots of it) maybe some lip gloss, and I’m out the door!  Now If I want attention to my lips I’ll do the same step for eyes or just some mascara and a bright lip. 

OCC Lip Tar 

If your favorite features are your cheekbones, I would do some mascara and a cream blush.  Or just do a CC cream to give your skin a little glow. 

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream 

For those days that you want to get your glam on: these are my must wear glam products that look great on everyone.

First is foundation, this all depends on your skin type and coverage you like, I’m loving the Ysl Le teint touche eclat at the moment.  Second is Concealer, my favorite is MAC prolongwear or Maybelline Fit meThird is eyebrows- you want to always have groomed eyebrows, whether they’re full or thin, you want them to look their best. I love Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted Brow gel or Pomade. Fourth is highlight (this is a must) whether its cream or powder, highlighting your face will give your skin a fresh/younger look. My favorite is Dior Amber Diamond (looks amazing on all skin tones.) Fifth is blush/bronzer which depends on the look your going for. You can use the bronzer to contour or just give yourself an sun kissed look. And lastly you’ll need mascara (girl needs her mascara) and of course gloss/lip color. 

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