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#ownit campaign

I’m beyond proud to be a part of the Own It campaign.  I think it’s so important for women to get a realistic view of postpartum.  In today’s society we’re constantly bombarded with photoshopped images of celebrities one month after having a baby that look spectacular.  But in real life, we don’t have trainers and chefs, dermatologists and plastic surgeons at our beck and call.  So here’s my experience with postpartum and coming to love this new body.
I’m going to be brutally honest here, I had a rough time with both my pregnant and postpartum body.  All the changes our bodies go through is a lot to get used to!  The huge boobs, the big belly, the cellulite… and those evil stretch marks.  
Whoa big belly! 
I was stretch mark free until week 39- so confident I wouldn’t have to worry about them.  Then one morning I woke up and BAM there they were, right on my hips.  I cried my eyes out.  I yelled at my husband.  I kept thinking my body was ruined.  I’m going to blame at least a little of that on hormones.
After having Huddy I avoided the mirror as much as possible and just focused on taking care of my sweet bundle of joy.  But one morning I had a rare 15 minutes to myself and decided to look in the mirror.  Big mistake.  I had big bags under my eyes, my roots were at least an inch long, who knows when the last time I shaved was, I had cellulite everywhere, and my once toned stomach was reminiscent of the Michelin man after being deflated.  I again cried and was ashamed of what my body had become.  
Looking back on it I realize how very silly all of that worry and self-hatred was.  Stretch marks fade, cellulite will go away with exercise, and my stomach eventually flattened out.  But even if none of that had happened I would still love my body for this reason: I got to carry and give birth to my son.  That in itself is a miracle and I should be proud of what my body was able to do! 
Now I look at my body and I love it.  I love it for what it was and what it has become.  I love my little stretch marks because they remind me daily that I once carried life inside me.  I love my bigger hips, because I was able to give birth and it was beautiful.
I do go to the gym 5-6 times a week still.  But my main goal isn’t to look good in a bikini.  My goal is to be strong for my son.  To set a great example for him.  I want to show him how to be healthy and active.  Most importantly, I want to be able to watch him grow up, and to be an active participant in that growth.  Whether it be teaching him sports, trying new things with him, or simply throwing a football in the back yard.  

So here is my “owning it”.  I love this body and the changes its gone through.  I love it for the greatest gift it’s given me- motherhood.
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