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Favorite Friday- Swimzip

My summer favorite collaboration has got to be Swimzip.  I ordered Hudson 3 cute little bathing suits for the pool and have barely used them because our Swimzip is easier, safer, and just as adorable.  I’m a big advocate of sun safety because as I stated in an earlier post, I’ve had skin cancer and more moles removed than I can count.  I don’t want that for Hudson.  
Swimzips are 50+ UV protection and block 98% of UVA and UVB rays.  Can’t ask for much more being a sun conscious mama!  Plus, they’re so dang adorable! My favorite girl options are the Daddy’s Little Girl, Flower Power, and Mint Chip all featured here.  My picks for the boys are the Stud Muffin, Summer Nights, and Hampton Getaway featured here
The entrepreneur behind Swimzip is a mama to one, with another on the way!  She came up with the idea for Swimzip after getting skin cancer herself, and wanting to keep her babes from the same future. I love this brand, I admire and adore the woman behind it, and I think that if you want to keep your little ones safe from the sun, this is the best way to do it!
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