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Favorite Friday- 4moms

I’ve been doing #favoritefriday on Insta for a long time but figured it was time to bring it to the blog as well.  Who better for the first FF blog post than 4moms?
I have moms and soon-to-bes ask me all the time what I couldn’t live without.  Here’s my simple answer: 
1. The Origami Stroller.  Let’s talk about innovative and easy.  It opens and closes BY ITSELF.  Yes you read that right.  You turn the knob, push the button, and it opens/closes.  The end.  No pulling, no pushing, no exertion needed.  Don’t believe me? Watch the video.  
But that’s not the best part.  It charges itself as you walk.  I’ve had this for 4 months and had to charge it once.  ONCE.  But just in case it runs out of juice, there’s a very simple way to manually open it- not to worry.  It also has an LCD that shows you the temperature of your current surroundings, how fast you’re walking/running, how far you’ve walked/run, and your overall mileage.  Oh yes, and if the baby is in the stroller or not.  You can also charge your phone as you maneuver about.  There is one downside though: people will stop you wherever you go to ask where you got such an awesome stroller.
2. The Spout.  If you follow me on insta you’ve already heard this story, but I’m telling it again because it’s important.  I was running Hudson a bath and turned around for a second to grab something.  In that time he had turned off the cold and turned the hot all the way up.  The Spout beeped at me to let me know it was too hot and I grabbed him right before his hand went into the water.  Talk about a lifesaver.  I’ve heard horror stories of kids getting second degree burns from hot water and I’m so glad the Spout warned me before Hudson became another one of those victims.  The LCD display will glow blue if its too cold, green if it’s just right, and red if it’s too hot.  As I stated before, it will also beep to get your attention if it’s too hot.  Love this safety item!!
3. The Breeze.  My favorite product, hands down.  Please, for your own well being, do not buy a pack and play. PLEASE.  Between our three families we have 6 pack and plays. SIX!  And they are all the same: pain in the butt to set up, something never clicks right so I have to start over, and by the end I’ve laid Hudson down on the floor because it’s just not worth the hassle.  The Breeze has saved my sanity.  Push the middle down, place the mat inside and DONE. No clicking, no shoving, no cursing.  It is always in my car.  Be warned, this has the same effect as the Origami- if you bring this out in public people will want to know where you got it.

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