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Huddy’s 13 Month Update

Whew I’m writing this late!  And there’s a good reason why… his 13th month has been HARD!  I’m not gonna sugar coat it folks. 

It’s almost as if Huddy just woke up on his birthday and decided, I’m going to become a toddler today.  And not just any toddler- a nap nazi, into everything but still constantly attached to my hip, walking, talking, tasmanian devil.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my son more than life itself and all that jazz- he’s just become quite the handful.  At his 12 month checkup he threw a monster fit and the doc looked at me and said “I promise it gets better”.  Which I needed to hear.  We talked for a bit and she recommended: 
1. We buy him more toys.  She says he’s advanced, which like every parent I already knew, but kids like that need different toys to keep their interest.  She also recommended hiding toys he’s been playing with so he doesn’t get bored with them, then bringing them back out in a couple of days.
2. Keep him stimulated- read him even more books than normal, take him outside and point objects out, let him finger paint etc…
These two tips have saved my sanity.  It’s cut down on the tantrums tremendously, and he’s back to his normal sweet disposition.  Yes, it’s exhausting keeping him stimulated all the time, and I’m constantly looking for more activities for him to do (whole blog post on that later).  
He’s learning SO fast!  So far he says: mama, dada, hi, buh-bye, juice, baba, bird, and H (for the letter H).  He’ll even find an H on a block and bring it over to me and say H!  He loves to feed himself, wave, high five, play patty-cake and hide and seek, read books, sing songs, and dance around to music.  He’s SO close to running which is terrifying because I can barely keep up with him now.  However exhausting it is, I am immensely enjoying watching him learn and grow!
Overall, this month has definitely been a test of both my patience and mental health, but with lots of prayer and bottles of wine, we’ve made it through.  Hudson, if you’re reading this, I love you to the moon and back, no matter how many times you throw your blocks in the toilet 😉

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