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OMG guys I’m so sorry for my absence.  Our internet went out, and since we have Comcast, it took a WEEK for them to come fix it.  Yes, you read that right, a whole stinkin’ week.  Anyways, I’m back with the promised Costco Organic shopping list. 
I have a serious crush on Costco.  It used to be for the plethora of free food on the weekends, but then they started stocking up on lots of organic goodies!  Here are my favorite healthy and organic goodies for the family: 

*Remember how I said I don’t like to put salt on our food?  Here’s a great alternative- Kirkland’s Organic No Salt Seasoning

*Coleman Organic Chicken  
*Wild salmon  
*Organic grass fed sirloin steaks
*Organic cheese- I don’t have a name brand because they change it up all the time.
*Earthbound Power Green Salad Mix (If I don’t use it all in a week I freeze before it goes bad and put it in my smoothies) 
*Cascadia Farms Frozen Berries
*Path of Life Frozen Broccoli 
*Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake- great for on the go!
*Earthly Choice Hemp Seed 
*Earth’s Best Yogurt Puffs
*Happy Bellies pouches


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