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Tips and Tricks Thursday (Linkup)

Welcome to the first week of the Tips and Tricks linkup!  For this linkup share one or two general life tips or tricks on your blog (we know you have some good ones hiding up your sleeves).   You can write about whatever subject you want to – parenting, crafting, housework… whatever you feel compelled to! 
1. Write a post with one or two tips or tricks.  Link back to your hosts Happily Hughes and Casual Claire and include the linkup button:

Casual Claire
Casual Claire

2. Share your link with us below! 
3. Read the post of the person who wrote before you and leave a comment on their post. 
4. Have fun! 

Here are my tips for this week on how to beat the bloat: 

1. Don’t drink bottled water!  Guess what? Companies add salt to their bottled water, so you drink more, and therefore consume more.  Instead, get a good filter for your tap and guzzle away!

2.  Packaged deli meats and processed vegetable juice are also high in sodium.  Even though you may be trying to eat healthy, these processed goods will make you retain water.  Try fresh cold-pressed juices and sliced turkey instead.

3. I posted a fun “day in the life of” over on Stay & Co. with tips on keeping active with your little.

Can’t wait to see what you all have to share!



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