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Huddy's 14 Month Update

This month has been the exact opposite of last month.  Yes, Huddy is still super energetic, eats more than I can keep up with, and tries to fight napping on a weekly basis.  But he has been SO cuddly and gives me kisses all the time(which he NEVER does).  Oh be still my heart! 

Is there anything better than your child giving you big slobbery kisses? Who cares that my makeup is melting off my face, someone pick my heart up off the floor!  
He’s added uh-oh, thank you, please (peas), book, and bat to his vocabulary.  
He’s running EVERYWHERE and working on jumping, which is terrifying.  I already know he’ll be trying to jump off raised surfaces left and right, Lord help me.  He’s also obsessed with puzzles and finding out what fits where.  The apps I posted in this post, along with wooden puzzles are by far his favorite things to play with.  
To Huddy- though I see newborns and miss how small and dependent you were, I’m so proud of the adventurous and outgoing boy you’ve become.  I love you more than daddy loves red velvet cake.

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