Jessica Hughes | Happily Hughes – Atlanta Georgia Content Creator

*Finger painting– you can make your own paint here.  Sometimes we do it on paper, sometimes we paint the driveway, and all the time we get covered in it 😉 

*Reading– the kid brings me books to read to him ALL DAY. I’ve had to buy more to keep his interest because he gets bored if it’s a book I’ve read numerous times before.  I think I’m going to adopt the same rule here as I did his toys- put them away for a few days so he doesn’t get sick of them. 
*Exploring– I get masking tape and wrap it loosely around his wrist, sticky side-up, to make a bracelet. Then we go outside and he will pick up things he finds and put it on his “bracelet”.  I’ll point to each object and tell him what it is.  One of his favorite things to do!  And yes, we have had a bug incident or two. 
*Fine Motor Play– This blog post and this one both have great ideas that Huddy has been LOVING.  I do at least one fine motor play a day. 
*These apps for my Ipad– Sound Touch is a fun flashcard app that also plays the sounds associated with whatever is on the card.  Example- the lion card roars.  Busy Shapes is another exciting game for a toddler- they have to drag shapes to the corresponding hole. 
*Helping in day-to-day chores– He’ll help me stir pancakes, put laundry in the washing machine, sweep the floors, and brush the dogs.  Yes it takes a little longer but it’s obviously good for both his motor and mental development.  Plus, it makes my chores a lot more fun! 
*Children’s Museum– My sister-in-law recommended this so we went with her and the nephews and Huddy had the best time!
This kid also has a TON of energy so I try and wear him out each day with one of the following:  
*Pool/Splash Pad– We either go splash around in the baby pool or visit our local splash pad.  At least at the splash pad I don’t have to worry about him trying to jump in the deep end. 
*Sprinkler Fun-I set out a sprinkler, a little kiddie pool, and a couple buckets and let him run wild.
*Walk/Hike– I’ll point out things to him and tell him what they are.  Example- this is a tree, that is a river…etc and we’ll go for a long walk or hike.  If it’s a walk, we bring his red wagon and I let him push it for a bit- another great way to wear that busy body out!
*Indoor/Outdoor Playground– Outdoor playgrounds are everywhere here in Georgia, as well as some great options for indoor play areas.  Our favorite indoor playground is Catch Air.  Secret tip: follow them on Facebook.  They post a coupon every day.