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Huddy’s 15 Months

Yeah when they said time flew, I didn’t really listen.  And now I’m looking at this sweet little human that I swear I just gave birth to yesterday.  He’s running, jumping and dancing constantly.  He’s got more energy than I know what to do with, and his emotions are a daily roller coaster. 
He LOVES to push my buttons.  He’ll do stuff he knows he’s not supposed to and look back at me with this devilish little grin.  The terms others use to describe him are “wide open” and “energetic”.  This normally comes paired with a sympathetic look from the moms.  
He’s gabbing up a storm but most of it doesn’t make any sense.  He did add one, thank you and fish to his vocab but mostly still points to things and says “this” or “that”.  His favorite word right now is “doggie” and he says it in this high pitched excited voice that I think is the cutest.  He also thinks all stuffed animals need a squeal and a big hug, no matter where we are.  It’s so sweet but also means at least 30 minutes in any toy store/Target. 
We’re definitely still having tantrums over here, but keeping him active has kept them to a minimum.  I can’t say enough how much fresh air, reading, and flash cards keep this kid a happy one.  I’ll post my favorite activities/apps for him tomorrow. 
To Huddy: I love you with all my heart.  Even when you pour the dog food in the toilet.  Even when you take my lipgloss and draw on the walls.  Even when you rub dirt in my finally clean/styled hair.  You push my buttons kid, but you also make my world go round, my heart skip a beat, and my soul feel whole.  I love you and am so proud of you. Every. Single. Day.
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