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New Mommy Gift

Thoughtful gift for new mom
Ah it feels so good to finally be crafting again!  A friend of mine just had a beautiful baby girl and I was thinking back to when I was a new mom.  I remember a friend sent me a gift set from Sephora and it made my whole day!  That reminded me to get a little something special for each new mom that I visit.
Thoughtful gift for new mom
For this particular breastfeeding mama, I got her the following: 
*Mug from Alice and Ivory (she also has a Mombie one that’s SO cute). 
*Organic Milkmaid Tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby– I used this when I was breastfeeding and was so impressed with both the taste and the increase in my supply.
*EOS lip balm– because it’s so good.
*Fresh baked mini chocolate chip cookies– breastfeeding+sweet tooth= a great reason to enjoy a treat!
Thoughtful gift for new mom
I took the tea bags out of the box and wrapped them around the lip gloss.  Then I wrapped all the goodies in pink cello film (my dollar store has tons so I stock up and save them) and tied it with a pink bow.  Ta-da!  A sweet gift for a new mama!  Stay tuned next week for my favorite baby shower gifts.

You can find Earth Mama Angel Baby:
a mom blog community!

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