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“What do you do all day?”

Well, it happened today.  The straw that broke the camels back.  I ran into an acquaintance at the grocery store and we did the normal “what are you up to?” conversation.  As soon as I said I was a stay-at-home mom, her eyes got wide and she asked that dreaded question: “What do you DO all day?” 
Excuse me? 
Let me preface this by saying the numerous people that have asked me this very rude question do not have children of their own.  A few have asked because they are genuinely interested in what being a SAHM entails.  But the majority have asked with a judgmental/condescending tone.  To you I say:  it is none of your damn business.  
If I wanted to get in a pissing contest I’d lay out my schedule for you.  However, I don’t want or need to.  I don’t need to validate MY choices for MY family.  

But if it makes you feel better: I superglue my kid to the floor so I can watch soap operas, eat ice cream, and paint my toenails.  Sure.

16 thoughts on ““What do you do all day?””

  1. New reader and follower! Great post. I've been both a SAHM and a working mom and it never ceases to amaze me the judgment and downright ignorant questions that both sides get. How about this – everyone just mind your own damn business and do for your life what works best and allow others to do the same. Love your blog and YASSS hunni! Nene is my girl. Have a good day!

  2. Haha love the superglue comment. This is one of my pet peeves too. It isn't just being a SAHM though is it, the job description is much more, Housekeeper, Personal Shopping, Chef, etc etc etc.

  3. Exactly! I have been thinking about how us SAHM are perceived. I mean, many of us hold multiple degrees, and yet we still are looked at as lowly society people. WTFunk. I even catch myself saying when people ask what I do, "I stay at home now, but I used to…." Why?! Why do I need to validate my choice by backing it up with what I used to do. Wrist slap to me for saying that. From now on, I'm just going to tell them, I nap all day day and have a maid come clean up my home, while my angel child who never whines sits quietly all day and reads books and potty trained herself and never needs to be fed or cleaned up. Yes, I think that's what I'll do. 😉 Solidarity, sister!

  4. lol My day started with cleaning up poop from all over the toddler (her face and head even!), her bed, her blankets, her room, all over. Two baths to try to get it all off and the smell is still there. Then cleaning up the baby's puke. More toddler poop. Toddler food and milk thrown all over. Feeding the baby, feeding the toddler, keeping the toddler off the counters. Putting poop laundry in the wash. Oh, and I haven't even had time to pump so my boobs are killing me!!! Forget my to-do list! Now I'm finally eating a bagel and about to pump…but the baby is stirring so this may not last. That's what a SAHM does lol

  5. I think we all need Nene with us for some fun retorts when people are dumb enough to ask that question. I literally want to punch people in the face every time they ask me that. At least I know that my teaching skills are being put to good use with my boys….and the moments I have with them, while trying, are priceless. Except when they involve poop.


  6. haha I love this! You are totally right, no one needs to have a play by play of your life. I totally respect your decision to stay home and wish it was something I was able to do. Nene was just the icing on top of the cake.

  7. Sass level: awesome! My mom was a SAHM and I don't think I ever saw the woman sit still, ever, in my entire time living at home. She cooked, cleaned, shopped, played, crafted, managed finances, cleaned more, scolded, hugged, drove to all of the activities, field tripped, volunteered… If I'm ever a SAHM with half her energy, I'll feel more accomplished than I do now at my desk job…

    Hilarious post. Love it 🙂

  8. Ahhhhhh hahahahahhaha this is amazing!! I get it all the time! They'll see one day, and if not, they and their children will miss out on amazing bonding time as they pursue their careers and let their kids make memories with day care employees or babysitters! I know everypne has dreams and some parents dont have the option of being a SAHP but, please dont look down on us for choosing that path! I have a 10 mo. Old and a three year old with special needs and majorrrrr violent and aggresion behaviors, there's literally no way I could not be a SAHM so when my friends without kids get onto me about not texting themback right away, I know its because theyre thinking im sipping mimosas on a float in my pool while the kids are politely, quietly, cleanly playing in their rooms. Haha

  9. Nope, nope, nope, nope, I can NOT stand those people that judge me for my choice! We do what works for our family and I'm so glad and feel so lucky I have the opportunity to stay at home everyday with my baby!

  10. I’m not a mom, I have a full time, outside-the-home job, and hearing that question posed to stay-at-home-moms INFURIATES ME. How about: “LITERALLY KEEPING OTHER HUMAN BEINGS ALIVE 24/7.” [drop mic] Seriously, how are people so stupid?! Also, how much do SAHM actually get to STAY AT HOME?! Don’t moms have thousands of errands to run involving keeping said humans alive?!

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