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DIY Macrame Wall Hanging with Timeshel

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DIY Macrame Wall Hanging
One of the many reasons why I love blogging is the cool companies I get to work with.  One such company is timeshel.  timeshel is a monthly subscription service that sends your favorite Instagram photos to you.  The timeshel subscription starts at $5.95 for 10 prints and gives you 2 different tiers of print options.  The pictures are GREAT quality and come in this nifty packaging: 
timeshel Review
timeshel Review

I mean look at all of these gorgeous pictures!  And it is so easy.  All you have to do is download an app to your Iphone( iOS only), obviously called timeshel, and upload your favorite pics.  Then you get a package in the mail full of that months memories.  I got the second tier of the timeshel service (30 prints for $14.95) and wanted a crafty way of displaying my new prints each month.  So here’s a fun DIY for all my macrame fans: 

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging
 You’ll Need: 
*1 Package of Craft Twine 
*1 rod- at least 3 feet in length 
*1 can spray dye 
*1 pair of scissors 
*1 can glitter spray (optional)
DIY Macrame Wall Hanging
1. Tie 5 strands of craft twine as pictured above.  Take the very left strand and tie it onto the next. 
2. Tie the very left strand onto the next 4 strands total. 
3. Now take the very right strand and do the same- tie it onto the next 4 strands. 
4./5. Now tie the very left and very right strand together in the center. 
6.  Do this for 5 rows. 
DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

7. Do the above directions 5 times.  
8. Then do the same step for the 4 centers so it looks as pictured above.  

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

9. Then tape down the twine and spray for an ombre look.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging
timeshel Review

Ta-Daaaa a beautiful macrame wall hanging to display your timeshel photos!
You can find Timeshel at: 

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