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Losing a Beloved Pet

Losing a Beloved Pet
Last week we had to put my sweet boy, Gizmo, to sleep.  He’s been my PIC, my snuggle bug, my comfort, and my furry shadow for the last 15 years.  I was devastated.  I still am.  Losing a pet is always hard.  But Gizzy was more than a pet.  
We got Gizmo when I was 12 years old.  Right when puberty hit.  He was there for all of the emotional roller coasters: my first love, my first heart break, when we moved cross country, when I got into college, when I met my husband, when I graduated, when I got married, when I became pregnant… There are no major milestones that he wasn’t a witness to.  And when I felt lost, or sad, or mad, he was there.  Snuggled right up next to me with the sweetest big brown eyes.  He soothed and saved me during the hardest of times, and was there to celebrate all of my joys.
Losing a Beloved Pet
Thinking of moving on; of both suffering through the hard times and enjoying the best of times without him is so hard to comprehend.  15 years of companionship and love.  I know I have to do the rest of this journey without him physically by my side.  But I hope he takes a break from doggie heaven to check in on us every now and again and know how much he’s missed.
Losing a Beloved Pet
To Gizzy:  I love you, you stinky old man.  So much.  I miss your grumpy face and your sweet snuggles.  I still cry and laugh looking at those wood blinds you chewed up in the kitchen.  I can’t help but shake my head and smile at the stuffed animals you stole from Hudson.  My feet are cold without you warming them.  And my heart is hurting from missing you.  I hope doggie heaven is full of all the peanut butter toast and cheese you can handle, and all the expensive rugs you can pee on to your hearts content.  Be well, my sweet boy.  

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  1. When my first dog, Cookie, passed away, I thought I would never be able to get another dog. I was completely devastated. It took about 5 years before I could get another one.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss! I know how devastating this is, unfortunately. It's definitely like losing a family member. Thinking about you and praying for peace and comfort.

  3. Although I plan on having many years with my Rosie (who just turned one) I already dread the day we loose her. She is my best girl and in many ways, like my child. She reads me so well and keeps me company. Many people look at a dog as an accessory but to me, Rosie is part of my family. I am so sorry for your loss!

  4. So sorry to hear of your loss. Having to say goodbye to a pet is one of the suckiest things ever. I hope that you can look back on the memories you and Gizzy had and smile.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this. We just lost my Sugar bear in January and I think of her almost daily still. IT's never easy but the memories are priceless. My sister found a quote "If love could keep you alive you would have lived forever". I think of that often. I hope you find comfort in your days without him

  6. OH <3 it is so hard to lose a pet. They are our families and we have to grieve for them just like we would any other family member that we cherished. I will keep you in my thoughts for sure

  7. our dog is one of our family members. My husband always suggests I love our Chloe bear more than the kids. Heck she does not talk back. they are very comforting.

  8. Losing a pet is tough. I have been through it a few times and each time it was as painful as the last. They are a part of your life. Your babies…fur babies. I am so sorry for your loss. May your fur baby rest in peace.

  9. Awwwww – so sad…. pets, dogs, etc. are a part of our "family" – we had to put our "Pokey" down – our dog that lasted in our family the longest…. about two years ago now – she was 16 years old! So sorry – love the pics!

  10. Losing a pet is totally heartbreaking. I'm sorry to hear about your beloved Gizmo. Just remember all of the wonderful times with him. What an amazing run you two had…15 years is a long time and he was here for some pretty important stuff!

  11. Oh! I'm so sorry! I know exactly how you feel! My business partner and I had to put our dogs down the same week and they had both been in our family for about 15 years as well. So I know exactly how you feel. It's very hard!

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