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The Best App for Overall Health

Are you ready for the app that will change your life?  It’s called AddApp and you are going to thank me for introducing it to you.  You probably have plenty of apps on your phone: telling you how far you’ve run, how many calories you’ve consumed, your sleep patterns etc.  Then you may have a wearable tracker like a fitbit.  So all of this information from your life is being given to you, but not in an organized and INSIGHTFUL way.  Until AddApp.
 AddApp combines all of your app information, along with your wearables, and gives you insights into your overall well being.  It puts into context the information that you’ve had all along, but in a whole new light.  It can compare your exercises with how well you slept that night, or what exercises cause you to burn the most calories.  The app will alert you to an overabundance of fat intake, or average out your daily calories.  It also notifies you when you’re sleep or activity levels have dropped and gives you tips to get back on track.  My absolute favorite part of this app, though, is the articles it provides you with along with your daily insights.  It’s education and well being all in one!  Do you love it yet?  Because I definitely do.  Which is why I’ve named AddApp the Best App for Overall Health.  Download it, and get your healthy on!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of AddApp.

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22 thoughts on “The Best App for Overall Health”

  1. This sounds awesome! Will it be helpful at all if I don't have any wearables? I've been thinking about getting one, but I don't have one yet. I love the idea of seeing all these stats and health info in one place.

  2. Nice! Is this available for Android phones as well? I am obsessed with all my fitness apps. I swear I'm on fitness apps more than I am Facebook and the other social networks. You should come share them on Friday at my link party-every Friday bloggers from all over come and share their healthy recipes or fitness posts for Food & Fitness Friday. Cheers!


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