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What We Wore with Cadora Clothing and Salty Kids

To welcome summer properly, this whole week is dedicated to the beach!  Beach trips, beach family fun, beach fashion etc…  To kick off this series, I wanted to introduce you to my favorite cover ups for moms, and comfy clothes for babies.  Let’s start with the cover ups.  My friend Cyrcee from Cadora (pronounced sea-adore-ah) makes beautiful bathing suits and cover ups.  The cover up I’m wearing above is the Wailea in Turquoise.  It’s lightweight and oh so fancy.  I got many compliments on it! 
 A little about the brains behind C-adora: Cyrcee was raised in Maui and also had a career as a swimsuit model.  Both inspired her to create beautiful and comfortable beach wear for the modern woman.  You have to check out the Angela and Sarah bikinis!
 Then there’s Salty Kids, also known as Salty Kids and Babes Handmade.  Mamapreneur Leslie hand sews these sweet baby and toddler clothes herself.  They’re soft and light, while also being super duper cute.  Hudson may have worn his Grey Striped Tank and Drop Shorts for three days.  No judgement ok?  These days, if he likes his clothes its a big deal, so we stick to what works.  And SKB definitely works!  Les, can you make this set in my size?  Puhlease!  If you need some help shopping (you know I love to help my fellow shopaholics) I am smitten over the Pineapple and Tiki shorties!  Little baby and toddler legs sticking out of those sweet prints?  Be still my my heart.  
You can find Cadora at: 
You can find SKB Handmade at:

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  1. Love that cover up. I bought one from Amazon and it was too small even though it said a 2x I was quite upset but I still wore it.

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