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Healthy Mama Pregnancy Care

healthy mama pregnancy
I’ve posted before about the healthy mama brand. and I’m happy to do it again because MOM’S NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS.  It’s been in the news for years how behind the U.S. is in prenatal care.  This one brand, healthy mama, is trying to change that.  Before, finding a prenatal vitamin was an honest pain in the butt.  You’d either have to order them from your gynecologist or online because in-store just didn’t offer everything a growing baby and mama needed.  Now, you can get quality prenatal vitamins and MORE at Target.  They are all organic, non-GMO, no dye, nutritional goodness.
healthy mama pregnancy
Here are my favorite items from the healthy mama line.  First, let’s talk about the prenatal vitamins.  Each of these products was made with both mom and baby in mind.  The prenatals have 19 essential vitamins, 100% of the needed Folic Acid, and Lutemax 2020®.   What is Lutemax?  It is a blend of nutrients that support eye and neural tissue growth in your baby.  But they’ve also infused these little pills with an easier-to-digest Iron supplement so you don’t have to worry about getting backed up.  I’ve been taking these for 2 months now and I feel great!  I can also rest assured that my baby is getting the nutrients she needs to grow.
The Boost It Up protein energy drink is next, because hello- protein and energy?  The two things mamas seem to be in a constant deficit of.  Did you know pregnant women need .55 grams of protein per pound?  Most don’t even get the non-pregnant recommended .40 grams per pound.  Well this delicious energy drink will give you an extra 7 grams.  It’s also fortified with B-Vitamins, Ginger, Electrolytes, Fiber and Vitamin D.  These vitamins will help with morning sickness while also giving the body a much needed energy boost.  Without caffeine! 
And eaZZZe the Pain has been a life-saver.  Some days I am so sore from working out and being pregnant I can’t sleep at night.  I take one eaZZZe the Pain before bed and I not only sleep well, my body feels better.  
Last, but not least, is the Move It Along.  This is a constipation relief, and yes I can’t believe I’m writing about constipation, but again it’s important.  If you’re eating enough fiber and filling your meals with veggies, you shouldn’t be experiencing any issues with this during most of your pregnancy.  But those last few weeks of pregnancy and the first few of postpartum?  All bets are off.  So stock up on the Move it Along and save yourself the pain.  
healthy mama pregnancy

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  1. Not a mommy-to-be yet, but I hope to be soon and that protein energy drink, pain and Move It Along supplements are going right on my Pinterest board for when the day comes haha!

    I've been taking the Garden of Life RAW Prenatals with their accompanying Ocean's Mom DHA supplements. Everywhere I read had excellent reviews for these (similar claims to what these Healthy Mama ones promote). Have you heard of them/tried? I get them at Whole Foods or even the health food section of my local grocery store. Been taking for a few months to just 'get ready,' and I've been happy so far.

    Steff @ http://brighterdarling.com

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