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Pregnancy Favorites and a Giveaway!

 Here are some of my current pregnancy favorites…and a GIVEAWAY!  Along with sharing my favorite products for a healthy pregnancy, I’m also giving away a canister of AboutTime protein powder, two Namaste Yoga videos, and an entire month of personal training with me!  Worth over $200.  You can enter the giveaway below.
painted earth skincare
Ok the worst part of the first trimester was my awful blemished skin.  I mean it went from acne free to oily, cystic blemishes all over my face and neck.  I was embarrassed to go out of the house!  So I talked to my sweet friend, the owner of Painted Earth Skincare, and she put together a regimen for me to clear up my skin and help it to glow again.  The above left picture is from when I was 6 weeks pregnant and the right is at 12 weeks.  My skin is still clear and so much healthier!  Here’s my secret:
painted earth skincare
Painted Earth Boo-Boo Gel, Charcoal Masque, and Vitamin C Serum.  I apply the charcoal masque once a week by mixing it with apple cider vinegar and leaving on my face for 7-10 minutes.  Both the Vitamin C Serum and the Boo-Boo Gel I use every day after I wash my face.  First I apply the Serum and then I finish with a light coating of the Boo-Boo Gel.  Wam bam thank you ma’am!  AND because I love ya here’s a 10% off coupon code to get your own: use HAPPILY at checkout.  
Ingrid and Isabel Workout Gear
Ingrid and Isabel workout clothes from Figure 8 Maternity= life-changing.  It is so hard to find workout clothes that will grow with your bump, but Ingrid and Isabel does so with style, grace, and comfort.  I’m going to be totally honest and tell you that I wore this particular outfit two days in a row.  And my husband had to force me to change on the third day.  These sports tops have the best chest support I’ve ever experienced.  The bottoms are comfy, breathable, and so supportive.  I may be wearing them again right now…  Make sure to shop I&I on Figure 8 Maternity.
Ingrid and Isabel Workout Gear
AboutTime protein powder
Everyone knows how much I love AboutTime protein powder, and now that I’m pregnant it’s even more important for my diet.  Did you know that a pregnant woman needs .55g of protein per pound?  An easy way to get that extra protein, as well as more vitamins and minerals, is with a smoothie every day!  You can click on my recipes tab above for plenty of AboutTime smoothie recipes.  AND you can use my HAPPILYHUGHES discount code for 25% off your next purchase.
Namaste TV
Yoga!  Oh how I need this, especially knocked up.  Yoga is not just important for exercise, it keeps the body limber, the tendons and ligaments loose, and the mind calm.  With all of these extra hormones running around my body, I need something to chill me out and keep me sane.  These Namaste TV videos are perfect.  Each video is set in a beautiful setting, and the voice over is both soothing and instructive.  Each episode is only 23 minutes long but it’s just enough to give the whole body a good workout.  I’m giving away these two DVDs below!
The Breast Whisperer
And last but definitely not least is The Breast Whisperer.  In the course of this pregnancy my boobs have gone from a B to a Triple D.  Holy toledo batman.  And ouch.  I don’t remember them hurting this much with Hudson! So I found The Breast Whisperer.  It’s the most supportive and comfortable bra I’ve found without any plastic or metallic inserts for underwire support.  It was invented by a plastic surgeon AND a portion of each purchase will go to beast cancer charities and research.  
The Breast Whisperer
It’s giveaway time!  One lucky person will win two namaste DVDs, an AboutTime protein powder canister, and a month of online training for free.  This is worth over $220! 

You can find Painted Earth: 
You can find Figure 8 Maternity: 
You can find AboutTime: 
You can find Namaste Tv: 
You can find The Breast Whisperer: 

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  1. Great post and tips on pregnancy essentials! I LOVE yoga.. I've just started back up and it is the best stress reliever after a long day of work. Great giveaway 🙂


  2. Whoohoo! I'm 23 weeks with my second boy and would looooooooove some of these things! Although I'm in Dallas so you wouldn't be able to train me… Anyway, REAL question: I'm struggling (again) with the massive, massive pregnancy boobs. I'm currently a 32DDD. Since I carry low, my rib cage measurement never goes up (so increasing to a 34DD or "similar" size doesn't work!). Do these sports bras fit a tiny rib cage yet hold massive chest?! The struggle is real, girl, and I know you feel me there! I've yet to find one that works, and I'm in my yoga studio 6 days a week. YIKES. Help me. Please.

  3. Pregnancy terrifies me for what it will do to my skin. I've already went through so much acne in my life. But glad to know theres a product out there that can help.

  4. What an awesome roundup! It's great to have cute fitness clothes that will grow with your belly and help keep you motivated! That skin care regime looks great, too!

  5. Love the Sanctuary Stretch Mark Oil for even those of us who aren't pregnant! x

  6. You are so gorgeous! I have never heard of a charcoal masque, but it looks awesome! I may have to try it out. Also loving your workout clothes. So cute!

    Cameron Proffitt

  7. Glad you found something that works for you! I haven't experienced a pregnancy on my journey yet.

  8. I drank shakes before I got pregnant, and have continued to do so since getting pregnant. They're packed with so much nutritional content!

  9. You have more ambition than me and I am not even close to being pregnant. Haha! All the kudos to you! I am jealous xo

  10. Curious about the protein powder. I just got a vitamix and wanting to jump on that bandwagon 🙂

  11. Lovely post! I'm saving this one for later so thanks for sharing! xx, adaatude.com

  12. Your skin looks so awesome – you are glowing!! Congratulation on your pregnancy!!
    One of those yoga dvds is exactly what need these days 🙂

  13. I love About Time pancakes, muffins, and waffles.

    Happy TGIF Jess!

  14. Great giveaway. Great info for staying healthy during pregnancy, which is very important.

  15. That's awesome that your skin care regimen really improve things for you!

  16. What a great post! I know soo many people that would appreciate this so I am sending them the link! I also need to pin this so that when I get pregnant I can come back!

    xoxo Amanda
    <a hef="http://themilleraffect.com>The Miller Affect</a>

  17. You look so amazing, and I LOVE this list. Yoga was one of my favorites when I was pregnant, along with walking regularly.

  18. I love about time! Thanks for all these tips, no little ones on the way but will definitely needs these items when the time comes.

  19. I loved yoga when I was Preggo!!! I was super stressed all
    The time since it was was my first pregnancy and it was a total stress reliever

  20. This is AMAZING! You look great. Thank you for the chance! I'm due in November

  21. My friend recommended I check out your blog b/c I was looking for some maternity workout clothes. I’m a 32DDD too and weigh about 130 right now. I’m usually between a 2-4 so I can’t decide which size to get in the I&I workout tops. Did you go with an XS or a S size? I love the way the top looks on you when you were early in pregnancy and love the idea of the back stretching as you grow rather than buying massive workout tops that just look terrible now! Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Hi kristi! Welcome to the blog! Ok so I’m normally a 34B-34C, right now I’m a 34DDD (hey triple D Twinsie! I ordered the small I&I top and it fits perfectly! I’m at 30 weeks and it’s still fitting like a champ. I hope that helps!

  22. Thanks for the response! I’m going to go order the small. I’m ordering 2 of the tops now, but wanted to let you and any other users know there’s currently a coupon code if you order any 2+ products from Ingrid & Isabel you get 20% off. Code: Ingrid20

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