Friday Favorite 3/1/19

Popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes shares her Friday Favorites with you in this latest post. Click here now to check it out!

Well there’s only one favorite for today. It’s our new bedroom design! Jason and I have wanted a renovation SO badly and finally agreed on these pieces. We both love a little farmhouse with pops of color. I found SO many beautiful designs on wayfair that it was hard to choose. We also need to pick some pictures of the kids! Let us know what you think!

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  1. Wow, that desk is something! I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I have to admit I like it a lot!! I loved the oversized aspect of it. Very grand.

  2. Pink is my favourite color so I definitely approve this list

  3. That desk is amazing! Most of the furniture in our home is from Wayfair too!

  4. That space is amazing! I LOVE that table. The legs are super cool!

  5. Love the desk, love the color! Brightness is important for all rooms in all of our houses, it has a huge affect on moods in a positive way!

  6. There are so many cute pieces in this post. I love the headboard and fuzzy pouf especially.

  7. I love that one door armoire! And those black out curtains are so lovely, usually black out curtains look so stiff but those are so light.

  8. Porsha Carr says:

    Pink is my jam! Ugh my hubby would kill me though lol.

  9. Good job on this. As long as the room is neat and feels cozy, it’s what matters to me. :0)

  10. With this colourful table it adds an extra dimension & makes the bedroom look completely out of the box.Great idea.

  11. Love so many of these pieces! That rug, those shelves, the pouf! Love your style.

  12. I love Wayfair! They have some awesome products and are reasonably priced! I love the pieces you chose; very pretty!

  13. We need to redo a room in our house too! It’s our guest bedroom/office. I too, found some great ideas on Wayfair. We are going to do a white murphy bed with a small desk although, I am digging your office, so now I’m not sure!

  14. Oh my goodness, I love the bold and bright color of that desk!! So fun! Love that pink area rug!

  15. The table is unique in style and color. It transforms the room into a Barbie paradise

  16. I’m loving the bedroom design. So pretty and functional, too.

  17. That dresser is so good. I want it. Loved your favorites.

  18. I love the style of the table. I would like it in a shade of mint green or tan.

  19. Your desk turned out great! It’s definitely an awesome and unique style. 🙂

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