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New Workout Routine

Looking for a great new workout routine? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her current new workout routine that drives results. See it HERE!

Let’s talk fitness routines and changing it up.  It is so important to change your workout routine when you’re getting bored or have noticed a plateau.  Recently, I’ve noticed a plateau and really had to dig down and figure out a new workout routine.  I used to do heavy lifting 4 days a week (2 days of legs/booty and 2 days of arms) and 2 days of cardio.  That stopped working for me.  I am now doing 3 days of booty-focused exercises (juicy booty here I come!) 2 days of arms, and at least 30 minutes of cardio 4x a week.  After about two weeks I noticed a big difference in my body composition and started feeling better!  Here is my current workout routine if you’d like to try it.  You can also scroll down for the supplements I’m taking: 

My Current New Workout Routine

  • Monday  
    • 10 minute stairclimber 
    • Booty focused weightlifting
    • 20 minute sprints on the treadmill
  • Tuesday 
    • Arm focused weightlifting
    • Ab focused weightlifting 
    • 30 minutes on the rower
  • Wednesday
    • 10 minute stair climber
    • Booty focused stairclimber
  • Thursday 
    • 10 minute elliptical warm-up 
    • Arm focused weightlifting
    • oblique focused weightlifting
    • 20 minute HIIT elliptical
  • Friday 
    • 10 minute stairclimber 
    • booty-focused weightlifting 
    • 20 minute sprints 
  • Saturday 
    • 1 hour of cardio- mix of HIIT and running
  • Sunday OFF

Supplements I’m taking: I am on the Lean System. This gives me collagen, CLA, energy throughout the day, and a monthly cleanse.  I also take my kids multi-vitamins (because it’s easy), an adrenal support, a probiotic, and Goli vitamins.


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