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Friday Favorites

Popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes shares this weeks friday favorites from podcasts, shows, beauty and more.

Another Friday Favorites- here’s what y’all loved from this past week or something I’ve enjoyed that I want to share with you!  

  1. Foundering– A podcast about Silicon Valley’s biggest dramas.  I’ve been listening to the one about Wework and it is fascinating.  I am also very excited about the new Sworn season.  
  2. Chateau Elan– The only full-service resort and winery on the East Coast, this is THE place to Staycation.  For all my Georgians, its only an hour drive from Atlanta.  I plan on enjoying the pool, doing a wine tasting, taking long walks around the grounds and sleeping in.
  3. Bathing Suit Try-On– I found some new suits that I love and shared with you today.  They are all linked below, except for the Gianine Bikini, which you can find here.
  4. The Golden Cage– a GREAT book!  the main character is a little crazy but I love her revenge mindset and the story keeps your riveted throughout.
  5. Sport Collagen- y’alls number one purchase throughout this week.  We’re all gonna have bomb nails, hair. and skin!
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