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How to Stay Motivated

Curious how to stay motivated in your health journey? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her top tips on how to stay motivated here!

How to stay motivated in your fitness/healthy journey.

 I get that it’s a struggle, especially nowadays.  With the world a mess and so much unknown, I even find it hard to focus on my workouts.  However, it is more important now than ever to be healthy.  So here are ways that I find I can stay motivated to work out!  If you have any other ones to add, please share.

  1. Take progress pictures and/or measurements.  This will allow you to see the positive changes in your body!  
  2. Have an accountability partner.  I have a couple to hold me to my weekly workout plan and to motivate me to get my butt into gear.
  3. Have a goal and treat yourself!  I.E. After you complete 30 workouts you can get a new workout outfit or pair of shoes.
  4. Follow people that inspire you!  I love Shaunna Marie, Cara Loren, and Lily Sabri.
  5. If you’re feeling burnt out- take a couple days off.  Your body may be exhausted or you may just need a break.  As long as you continue to eat healthy you will not undo the work you’ve already done!
  6. Do workouts you enjoy!  You may be doing some to maintain a certain aesthetic, but a majority of your exercise should be something you actually find pleasure in doing.  This will cut down on burnout, I promise.
  7. Figure out what gets you excited about your healthy lifestyle!  Are you a planner?  I love the Erin Condren fitness planner. A numbers person?  Get a whoop! Goal chart?  Theres a ton on Amazon you can get!
  8. Join a workout contest!  There are so many virtual ones like 5ks, Dietbet etc.  Also I’ve hosted many in the past and would gladly host another in the future!
  9. Schedule a regular workout time each and every day.  This makes sure you take that time each and every day to exercise or stretch on your days off.  
  10. Have a GREAT playlist.  I jam out to Fitradio and there’s always a playlist to fit my mood.  

I hope this helps!  Please let me know if there are any that I’m forgetting!

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