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New Kids Rooms!

Looking to update your kids room decor? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her kids room decor makeover HERE!

Henley’s room has always been THE star of the show at our current house.  In our new place she really wants a Sleeping Beauty room.  With fireworks on the ceiling- if you can figure out that one for me please let me know.  I have shopped with her a bit and this is what we’ve picked out so far.  What do y’all think?  What should we add?  The more princess the better!! 

Kids Room Decor: Girls

Hudson’s room is currently Star Wars themed and he wants to go Pokemon ALL THE WAY!  If I let him pick everything out it would look like a bad graphic novel so we’re negotiation on items.  With my kids rooms I always want it to be what they love, but I also want it to be a place they can relax.  I try not to do bright colors or too many distracting elements.  I do love to add relaxing twinkle lights or night lights, essential oils, and super comfy throw blankets.  Oh and TONS of books!

Kids Room Decor: Boys

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