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Natural Remedies for Teething- Tips and Tricks Thursday (Linkup)

Natural Teething Remedies
Natural Teething Remedies

It is THE worst when your babe is teething and you don’t know what to do about it 🙁  Huddy is not a good teether, and this past week has been the absolute worst I’ve seen him.  Here are some natural remedies that have helped get him through the worst of it:

1. Food– this kid loooves to eat.  Refrigerated applesauce and bagels are his favorite foods when those chompers are really hurting.
2. Amber necklace– This actually didn’t work for us but I know a lot of people it does work for, so try it and see!
3. Essential Oils– I was very skeptical of essentials until I actually tried them.  This has been the BEST pain relief for huddy!  Two oils have been our saving grace:
Thieves: I mixed 1 drop of Thieves with 30 drops coconut oil in a small container.  Whenever he’s teething, I dab a little on my clean finger and rub on his gums. BOOM happier baby.  Lavender: I diffuse 5 drops of lavender in his room for an hour.  It smells so good and really seems to calm him down.
4. Anything cold- I’ll freeze washcloths, give him a homemade popsicle, or frozen mango slices to munch on.
5. Lots of fresh air– Getting him outside is also one of the most effective remedies I can recommend.  We go for a hike or a long walk with him in his sling and he normally falls into a peaceful sleep.

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