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Weekend Recap

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This fall weather plus lots of family time has made our weekends filled with joy!  This past Saturday  we got to celebrate one of our best friends’ engagements!  It was an outdoor barbecue hosted by the lovely Casual Claire, and we all just sat outside laughing, imbibing, and watching the kiddos play.  By play I mean Huddy was crawling all over the cornhole boards and Maddie was sitting there looking at him like “Boy you crazy”.  We may or may not be planning their wedding already…
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Jessica’s OOTD: Shirt/Skirt/Necklace all from DressUp 
Huddy’s OOTD: Beanie/Shirt/Pants   
On Sunday we went to the park for a nice long walk.  I finally captured a pic of Huddy singing while he walks.  Literally does it every time.  I have no idea what he’s trying to sing, but it’s pretty dang cute.
Huddy’s OOTD: Beanie/Shirt/Leggings/Shoes
 On Sunday we went to the Highland Games at Stone Mountain and it was SO fun!  Huddy loved watching the falcons and I definitely enjoyed seeing all of the different outfits.  I was sorely tempted to get Hudson a kilt but 1. realized they were $200 and 2. also realized he would be so mad at me later in life when I showed those pictures to his future wife. 
 The kilts!  Can we please bring those back in style?  I’m kidding.  Well kind of.
We may have also had some ice cream…  Someone wouldn’t share.

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