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What We Wore- Izzy and Ferd

 Oh Izzy and Ferd, how I adore you.  I love finding unique and fun clothes for Hudson to wear and I&F fit the bill perfectly.  They’re bright, bold, American-made, and machine washable.  That last part makes my heart extra happy, because as active as this little dude is, machine-washable is a must!  Many designer kids clothes nowadays are hand-wash only, ain’t nobody got time for that 😉
 The parentpreneurs behind I&F wanted to make a children’s brand that told a story, while also allowing the kids to explore their surroundings and imaginations.  My favorite thing about this company is how they came up with the name Izzy and Ferd: “Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain who sponsored Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the new world”.  How cool is that?
Huddy’s OOTD: 
The leggings and shirt we received from I&F were both soft and flexible.  Hudson ran around in this outfit all day and even slept in it.  I’ve washed the clothes twice since receiving them and have had no issues with color or print fading, and they’re still just as soft as the first day.
 You can find Izzy and Ferd at: 

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