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What We Wore

Well the plague hit the Hughes’ household.  I got food poisoning and an intestinal infection from said food poisoning, which put me on bed rest for almost all of last week.  Then, Jason got sick this weekend.  The only one still standing strong, thank God, is Hudson.  So we rested up on Friday and Saturday, eating lots of turkey noodle soup and snuggling.  Sunday we were all feeling a bit better so we decided to start Christmas decorating.  It was so fun!  If you’re wondering, this gorg shirt is from our sweet friend over at Rock-A-Boy Apparel.

Huddy spiked a couple of ornaments so I ‘m glad I went out and bought tons of the shatterproof kind.  Boys will be boys.  We’re still deciding on fake v.s. real for the tree, so please give me some insight on what you choose and why!  I’m so torn!  I love the smell of a real tree but really don’t want to be sweeping every day/standing guard so the dogs won’t pee on it. 
Then we went to Friendsgiving, which was so fun and much needed social time.  This nugget, of course, loved all of the female attention. 

 Monday we went to the aquarium.  I have been dying to take Hudson and it was well worth the wait! He kept pointing out the “fishhhh” and “whale” and laughing hysterically.  

 The Tropical Diver exhibit was by far his favorite.  We spent a good hour in there just watching the fishes.  

Huddy’s OOTD: Hat/Shirt/Leggings/Shoes

Being the sucker I am, I even bought him a fish.  He played with it all day and kept showing me and yelling “FISH!”  Definitely one of my favorite days together, ever.  

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