“I feel pretty oh so prettyyyyyy” Happy Friday friends!  I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do- see what it feels like to have long locks.  My hair starts getting scraggly at a certain length so I either chop it or just keep it medium length.  Then my friend Jess talked to me about extensions and I had to try them.  Thank goodness Jess is one of the top hair extension specialists in the state!  She fused ten Kera10 extension bundles to my actual hair and I am smitten!  To give you a little background: Kera10 extensions are real hair fused to existing strands with a protein complex so as not to damage your hair.  And they last an average of 6 months.  My hair feels gorgeous and I can’t stop playing with it!  I am so excited to try all those long hair styles I’ve been pinning for years.
Also, Jess shared some great hair and extension upkeep tips with me and I thought I’d pass on the knowledge: 
1. Use Dove Daily Shampoo and Conditioner.  I was skeptical at first but after 2 weeks my hair is clean and healthy. 
2. Don’t wash your hair every day.
3.  Don’t condition your extensions for the first week. 
4. Use the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In spray on both hair and extensions.  Talk about soft and manageable!
5.  That mom bun is pulling and damaging your hair, so stop doing it!  Try a loose braid instead.
To see more of Kera10/book an appointment you can find them here: 

9 Responses

  1. I usually have crazy long hair (it does well long if I keep it trimmed on the ends), but I just chopped off about two feet of it, and this post makes me miss it! I've never considered hair extensions, but I really want my long hair back! 🙂

  2. You look amazing! I have really long hair and it's super thick so I often put it up in a top bun. Really need to stop doing that and braid my hair more 🙂 I really enjoy Dove products and yes, I don't wash my hair every day because it dries it out so much.

  3. Great tips, and your hair is so gorgeous!! I definitely agree with the Dove shampoo and conditioner tip (it's helped so much), and the not washing your hair daily. I never thought that was important, but when I stopped washing it every day, my hair stopped being so dry!