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Best Makeup for Pictures + Painted Earth Promo Code

You asked and I have answered: the makeup I wear for my photos!  Easy enough- it’s all Painted Earth.  I have very sensitive skin and have tried numerous brands to keep my skin moisturized, acne free, and healthy.  Most brands, however, are too heavy and make me breakout or dry my skin.  PE does neither, is organic, AND photographs beautifully!  Best news?  Any HH readers get 10% off with coupon code HAPPILY.

*Brightening CC Cream– smooths and moisturizes
*Powder Mineral Camoflauge Concealer in Saffron- I use this to cover my bags and any breakouts/skin imperfections
HAC (Highlighting and Contouring)
*Mineral Sheer Matte Bronzer– If you’re addicted to HACing like I am, you will LOVE this bronzer. It’s a gorgeous and stays on all day.
*Silk Radiance Highlight Powder– This is in my bag at all times.  I use it for HACing, as eyeshadow, blush, AND bronzer.  All-in-one amazingness. 
*Baked Mineral Blush in Apricot Swirl- The perfect blush for every skin type.  I’ve tried it on a large spectrum of skin colors and so far it’s looked perfect every time. 
*Baked Mineral Eternal Springs Eyeshadow Trio in Mulberry TrioI threw my Naked palette out.  This is all I need to make my eyes pop and still look natural. 
*Superwear Gel Liner in black- Stays on all day. 
*Lash Luxe Mascara in black- Separate, defines, and gives this poor blonde some actual lashes! 
*Luxury Lipstick in Ravishing- moisturizes like crazy!  Perfect for keeping those lips plump and happy. 
Hint of Mint Lipgloss– Shiny with a dash of mint so even my breathe smells good. 
There you have it friends!  I hope this helps.  Any other blog requests, please email me at [email protected].  I love hearing from you!

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  1. I've never heard of Painted Earth but your makeup always looks flawless. I have loads of problems with makeup causing me to breakout. Thanks for the tips! (:

    1. Kiki me too! My skin is SO sensitive. My mom's a derm nurse and her practice actually recommends Painted Earth to their clients because it's so gentle on the skin!

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