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Favorite Friday- Beach Photos

 Finally getting around to posting the rest of our beach pics!  Each
year we go on a family vacay, with Jason’s side, right after Christmas.  It’s a much needed break from the holiday craziness and we get to unwind listening to the waves.  
 Plus, this kid just LOVES the beach.  Ok, let me rewrite that: he loves the water.  Sand is his archnemesis and he refuses to touch it at all cost.  Seriously, you can see in the picture above he’d only stand on one foot!  And if he fell?  He’d either cry for us to pick him up or do this no-hands squat stand up move that was both impressive and hilarious.
If he had shoes on though, it was football with the big boys ALL day.  I’ve never seen this kid run so much!  Or laugh.  The great thing about family vacations is the joy everyone gets in being together and it showed so thoroughly through this sweet boy.
 Like right here 🙂
 Another favorite was watching the fish off the doc.  He’d stare at them awhile and then yell out “FITH” just in case we weren’t paying attention.
Overall it was a beautiful break filled with lots of love and laughs with memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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  1. Looks like a lovely time. He has the most beautiful color eyes! haha Him standing on one foot. I wonder what goes through their minds. (; Have an excellent weekend Hughes!

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