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DIY Geode Drawer Pulls

I am a girl that loves her bling.  So of course my desk needed some glitz!  Behold, the geode drawer pulls.  Are they adorable or what?  They were super easy to make too.  I ordered 3 geodes offline- you can find them all over etsy.  Make sure when you’re ordering that the bottoms are flat.  Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time attaching them to the knobs.
Then I used the original knobs that came with the desk.  If you’re purchasing new knobs, skip the next couple steps. 
The hubbs sliced off the larger squares, which just left me the posts and screws.  I cleaned them in warm water, dried off with an old and clean t-shirt, then sprayed them with Rustoleum Metallic Soft Iron.  I left them to dry for about 2 hours.
If you purchased new knobs, you can jump back in here!  I attached the geode’s to the posts with Loctite super glue. 
And clamped them with Irwin’s Quick-Grips for an hour.
Last step: I screwed them into the drawers and wahlah: a gorgeous, inexpensive, and easy DIY to brighten up any furniture. 

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