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Date Night Looks and a Giveaway!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so I threw together my favorite quick and easy date night looks for you with my Kera10 extensions!  If you want to know more about the extensions, go to my original post HERE.  If you want to know more about my makeup routine, it’s all Painted Earth and I list my essentials here.  You can use coupon code HAPPILY at Painted Earth checkout for 10% off.  
I  absolutely love having long hair and there are so many ways to style it!  For a romantic hairstyle I grab the front half of my hair and twist it back.  Then pin with two bobby pins.  My hair is off my face, but still has volume and length.  If you love the lip color I’m wearing you can get it here.  
My husband’s favorite!  I just tease my curls a little, pull my hair back into a loose ponytail, throw on some sparkly pink lipgloss and a cat eye and I’m ready for our night out.  Easy but still sexy.  Grrrrrowl 😉
And of course big loose waves.  It took me awhile to uncomplicate this look.  I thought I was supposed to spray the poo out of my hair, curl it, spray it again, curl it, then tease it, then curl it again. NO.  Especially with extensions, volume is so easy!  I just flip my hair upside down and apply dry shampoo to my roots.  Then I run a curling wand through my hair and hair spray once.  After an hour I brush it out.  Then a swipe of red lipstick and my favorite eye-popping shadow and we’re off. 
Now, Kera10 and I want to give you a chance for luscious locks!  One lucky lady will win a $600 hair enhancement package from Kera10!  This includes installation!  YOU MUST BE IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA OR WILLING TO TRAVEL TO GEORGIA.  The winner will be announced Valentine’s Day!  Good Luck my dears!

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