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Lower Ab Workout

Lower Ab Workout
Welcome to the first Happily Hughes Bootcamp post.  These are leading up to a very fun challenge starting in March- so stay tuned!  Many of you have emailed me in regards to a lower ab workout so I put together my favorite exercises for you.  I do the above circuit as follows: 
1. Heel Taps x50 
2. Russian Twists x50 
3. Froggers x50 
4. Plank with knee towards chest: 45 seconds each leg 
5. Pike x50 
If you can’t do 50 yet, that’s ok!  Do as many as you can and move on to the next one.  You can do this! 

50 thoughts on “Lower Ab Workout”

    1. OMG My tummy is getting worse with age and I think I am doing everything right, except sitting at my computer all day blogging and probalby not sucking in my belly

  1. +DeDa Studios never say never! I didn't think I could do 50 either but with a little practice you will be able to do many more than that! I never thought I would be able to do a 60 min zumba workout either until a few days ago! Don't give up!!
    +Masshole Momma I totally agree…planking is one of my favourites too.

  2. Thanks for the photo tutorial! I'm a visual person and always find it helpful to see someone actually doing the workout so that I can try to mimic it. Thanks for this bootcamp post!

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