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Glitter Champagne Bottles

Glitter Champagne Bottles
Ok who doesn’t love glitter?  I mean it gets everywhere but it is SO fun!!  We have a very special shower this weekend and it is gold glitter galore.  So of course the mimosa bar has to have sparkly champagne.

Glitter Spray Paint

All you need is:
*Paper Towels
*Spray Paint Color of Choice
*Glitter Spray Paint Color of Choice
*Glitter Color of Choice
Spray Paint Color
1. Wipe down champagne bottles with wet paper towel.  Then dry.
2.  Spray paint entire bottle color of choice.  I chose Gold of course 😉  Let dry for 1 hour.
3. Then spray 1/4 of the bottle with the glitter spray and immediately sprinkle loose glitter on top.  I layered the pink and black on 3 of the bottles, then did all out gold on two of them.
4. Pop that champagne!

Glitter Champagne Bottles

And the finished product!  You can see more here.

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