Rocksbox Review and Coupon Code

Rocksbox Coupon Code
Rocksbox is by far my favorite subscription service.  Why?  Well I am a notorious jewelry buyer and discarder.  I’ll find the jewelry I need for a specific outfit, then forget I have it and it gathers dust at the back of my jewelry box.  With Rocksbox I receive 3 pieces of jewelry each month.  I can build outfits around the pieces, and if I don’t think I’ll wear it again, I can send those pieces back.  The jewelry that I can’t live without I purchase at a discounted price.  I tend to keep more than I send back, but I can’t complain because my Kendra Scott and Gorjana collection is looking mighty fine!  AND you can try Rocksbox for free with my coupon code happilyhughesxoxo.  You’ll be thanking me later.
Wrenn Jewelry
OOTD: Shirt, Shorts, and Shoes are all from Express
Rocksbox Coupon Code
Rocksbox Coupon Code
I can’t wait to see what gorgeous pieces will come in this month!  I love a gorgeous glittery surprise.  Don’t forget to use happilyhughesxoxo for a free month!!

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  1. How cool. I've never heard of this subscription box before. There is on for everything now. I'll have to check them out. Thanks!

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