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Toddler Activities
Well it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these!  Hudson is SO busy all the time it’s been hard to put down my thoughts, but here we go.  As a 22 month old he’s learned: that items are breakable, the toilet is clogable, and mud is the perfect full body paint.  I mean, this child is into EVERYTHING.  We’re doing at least 2 baths a day, as well as keeping the plumber and my mother on speed dial.  The latter is strictly for my sanity though 😉
 But boy watching him learn is SO fun.  This is a list of favorite activities:

  • 1 hour of play outside a day AT LEAST.  We play basketball, soccer, go for long walks, or find a playground and go to town.  I have to wear this maniac out somehow!
  • If it’s raining/snowing we do an indoor obstacle course or I take him to a Jump Jump. 
  • Books all day, every day.  We read before nap and bed time, as well as any time he’s willing to sit still. 
  • Obviously painting is still a big hit!  We love these organic paints.
  • ABC building blocks are also very popular.  We’ll build a tower, then knock it over.  Then build it again, maybe name some letters, and knock it over again. Repeat x100 
  • The Zoo, aquarium, and even running errands have become fun learning experiences.  I constantly talk to him and point out what we’re looking at.  Sometimes he’ll repeat me, and sometimes he’ll just go on his merry way.  Either way, he’s learning.
  • Library events: they have toddler time and puppet shows.  We also go to just sit on the floor and read.  
  • Flash cards and puzzles.  He could play with these ALL DAY if I let him.  So stock up moms.  I highly recommend visiting your closest Kids R Kids and getting as many as possible. 
  • Stickers are also a huge hit.  I get the BIG sticker books out and he’ll name the animals or objects as he places them all over his body.  It’s pretty hilarious. 

29 Responses

  1. I love your pictures. You take great photographs. I love when my little boy get messy making crafts and painting! Thank you for sharing.

  2. So cute! My kids are 12,14, and 19 now but when they were toddlers puddle jumping was a favorite and I always joined in too! We would return home soaked and I would make some hot chocolate and turn on a movie and then snuggle up to them. So fun.

  3. As a 25 year old I still enjoy puddle jumping. (; Hudson is so precious. I have a little girl, but I look forward to getting messy with my nephew. (:

  4. I know kids love love to get dirty and sometimes as mom we just need to let it go and let them be kids and bot worry about the mess

  5. 22 months is definitely an active age. It sounds like you two are having a ball {as it should be 😉 }. Enjoy because time flies {my daughter is 22 years old!}.

  6. Apparently I'm a toddler because a trip to the zoo or aquarium sounds like the perfect day right now. I love going to places like this, brings out the kid in me! And I look like your son after I'm baking for a few hours in the kitchen – I normally have batter everywhere!!