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Favorite Friday- Entourage Clothing and Ab Workout

Oh I’ve been so excited to share this Favorite Friday with ya’ll- Entourage Clothing Co.  Entourage is a women’s clothing boutique located in many locations across Georgia and South Carolina- to see where you can click here.  They just rebranded and relaunched their online store and website and OH MY GOODNESS I need it all!  They have everything from boho beachy rompers, to bridesmaid dresses, to a new fitness line!  I’m wearing two of their ENTfit outfits in this post and I adore these pieces!
OOTD: Tank/Pants
Besides being comfortable and just awesome, this clothing is SO affordable.  Anyone else sick of paying $60 for a sports bra?  Well the mint one I’m wearing at the top of this post is only $14!!  The “You Can’t Sit With Us” tank (where my Mean Girl fans at?) is only $17.  So Happy Friday followers- I hope you shop your little hearts out today!
As an added bonus- here is the Happily Hughes Boot Camp Ab Destruction workout.  Do this circuit 3 times:  
Side Plank with Leg Lift :30 each side 
Alternating Toe Touch :45
Full Layout :30 
Bicycle with Rotation :30 
You can find Entourage Clothing Co. at: 

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  1. I love this post! I've recently blogged about my personal fitness challenge. I have Crohn's disease so often I simply don't have the energy (or I'm in too much pain) to workout, but I've really been giving it my all and I'm happy to say I've been in the gym three days this week so far (and five last week)! Your post has inspired me even more and I love the clothes! I agree with you…we can look cute working out without blowing our budget. $100 for a pair of yoga pants is simply too much unless they come with a free tummy tuck. 😉 As moms, we're always budget conscious. (Coming over from Inspired Bloggers Network)

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