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HorseFeathers Gifts and Entourage Clothing

Entourage Clothing
We had a trip planned for Orlando but had to reschedule due to some family stuff.  So we made the best of it and spent all day Saturday house hunting and exploring new parks.  During our exploration we found this gorgeous little pond full of turtles and catfish.  Hudson was in heaven; I was supremely grossed out.  Have you seen catfish?  Those are some nasty, ugly, slimy fish.  And snapping turtles? Uh uh honey!  But he loved it.  So we fed them some crackers (EW) and took some pictures.  Entourage Clothing
My dress is from Entourage Clothing Company in Kennesaw- and it was only $39!!  Um hi cost-conscious perfection.  It’s an any occasion dress- date night, picnic at the park, weddings, or just because I feel like looking cute.  I threw on some heels and my new favorite jewelry (more on that below) and I was ready to go!
Entourage Clothing
Mini X Style
Huddy OOTD: Romper/Hat
Horsefeathers Gifts
Horsefeathers Gifts
 Now about the jewelry.  These came to me at a special time- I had just put my dog down and was so so sad.  Then this sweet package from Horsefeathers Gifts showed up and lightened my heavy heart.  Just a little background on Horsefeathers- its a mommy/daughter run business, which from the get-go makes me love them.  On top of that it’s a Green Business Certified company AND the jewelry is hand-made.  Some of my favorite items besides the ones I’m wearing?  The Hand-Dyed Silk Bracelet, the Mood Ring, and the Gold Mermaid Necklace.  
The necklace I’m wearing is an Electra Gypsy Teardrop Pendant– a swarovski crystal hand-wrapped in wire and hung from a brass chain.  The ring (which I never take off) is Sterling Silver and hand-stamped.  This particular ring was stamped with Hudson’s name and birthdate.  Talk about a thoughtful gift.  I’ll be honest and say I cried like a baby.  Thank you my dear friends, I will forever cherish these!!
Entourage Clothing
MiniX Style

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  1. I like the scalloped details of the dress. Its one of those Dresses that can be worn for a number of occasions depending on how you accessorize it

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