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Founder’s Force

Ok this is a collab that I have been SUPER excited about.  Two friends of mine, Brandi and Kyle McElhaney, started a book series and it is superb. Imagine: America’s founding fathers turned into superheroes.  History made into a whimsical comic book.  Most importantly: learning made fun! It’s called Founder’s Force.  
 A little background on the authors: Brandi and Kyle have two sweet boys together who are obsessed with superheroes.  Kyle is also a lieutenant with the Army and loves history.  His wife, Brandi, loves fantasy and fun.  Combined they came up with this genius idea!
 Currently there are 4 books in the Founder’s Force series: George Washington Winged Warrior, Benjamin Franklin: Benji and the Lightning, John and Abigail Adams: The Champion Duo, and Thomas Jefferson: Truth Jotter.  Hudson adores his George Washington book!  He may not understand it all, but the pictures are so engaging that he demands I read it to him EVERY night.  So whether your child is 2 or 12, he/she will love this series!  I promise.
You can find Founder’s Force at: 

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  1. That is SO cute! I'm always looking for creative, fun, and educational books to add to my daughter's library. What a great way to teach some history!

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