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Kiava Clothing Review, Promo Code AND a Giveaway!!

Happy Thursday my loves!  To kick off this holiday weekend on the right note, Kiava Clothing and I have teamed up to give you: 20% their rocking fitness clothes AND an Instagram giveaway!  For 20% off your purchase until Sunday, use code HAPPILYKIAVA at checkout.  To enter the giveaway, go to my Instagram and click on the above picture. 
A little bit about Kiava: they are a family-owned and online-only fitness clothing company.  Their main goal is to make beautiful and comfortable clothing for a healthy lifestyle.  And can we just talk about this sports bra?  Let me tell you something: it is SO Supportive.  I’m over here like: “Oh hey boobs, where’ve you been hiding?”  In all seriousness, it keeps the girls high and happy my friends. 
And this tank.  It’s breathable and light, while also trendy.  I love that it has an open back AND a hood!  How fun is that? 
Kiava has so many beautiful options and I am so excited to share them with you!  When you go shop and use your coupon code (HAPPILYKIAVA), make sure you browse all of the candy-colored sports bras and tank tops.  And don’t forget about the gift card giveaway on Instagram for you and a friend!!!
You can find Kiava: 

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  1. The Kiava top is so great on you. What a great red color! I have seen these looks come through on pinterest but never actually on a person. I would definitely wear these clothes!

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