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Lately I’ve seen an increase in my followers starting a new fitness journey and I could not be more excited for you all!  The most important thing is to STAY MOTIVATED!! 
Here are some great ways to keep going, even on those days where a gallon of ice cream and a rerun of Sex and the City sounds so much better.  
1. Find a fitness pal- it doesn’t have to be someone you workout with necessarily, just someone to hold you to your workouts and to keep you going!  If you don’t have someone, there are so many groups on Facebook and Instagram that you can join!  Join me over at Happily Hughes Fitness, or the Tone it Up girls or Kayla Itsines
2. Log your workouts every day- I use my planner and sticky notes.  I also made an easy printable for you here.
3. Sign up for a race- having a set time frame to your goal will help you stay on point with your exercise regimen.  When that race is over, sign up for another!

4. Don’t over do on the cheats.  I have cheat days.  I love cheat days!  But don’t let that cheat day turn into cheat two days, and then a cheat week, and then a cheat month.  Hold yourself to one cheat meal or one cheat day every couple of weeks.  I know it sounds hard but I promise that your body and cravings will adjust. 
5. Reward yourself!  If I hit a new PR or fitness goal, I treat myself.  It may be a new bikini for summer or that a piece of jewelry I’ve been eyeing.  Just make sure to celebrate your successes!

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