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What You Need to Survive a Trip with a Toddler

Checklist Traveling with Toddler

After several trips and amusement parks, I have perfected the “survival bag” of being a toddler mommy.  If you have ALL of these things in your possession during a trip or an all day outing, you will make it out alive.   I promise.  From Disney, to Universal Studios, to a day at the water park, to a flight, to a long car ride, this Traveling with a Toddler checklist will have you covered!

Checklist Traveling with Toddler




15 thoughts on “What You Need to Survive a Trip with a Toddler”

  1. Love the use of the EZPZ mat! I am so wanting to buy one but my youngest is almost 2! Great ideas for traveling with a tot.

  2. So not missing the toddler years! LOL! These are great tips for moms of two-year-olds! Happily pinning and sharing to my Montessori mom peeps!

  3. I remember the days of packing for a toddler (or 2). My son is graduating from high school in 2 weeks. Enjoy the packing for toddler days. Here come the mom of a senior tears 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend Jess.

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