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How We Celebrated Baby Number 2

Before anyone gets upset, don’t worry the wine wasn’t for me.  Hahah ok now that we have that cleared up, here’s how we celebrated Baby Number #2!  My husband and I have a tradition whenever something exciting happens for the family, to do a late dinner just us two.  We crack open the wine, slice some delicious cheese, and bring out the fondue kit.  Lately we’ve been really loving this Middle Sister Wine.  My favorite is the Wild One Malbec, but the husband prefers the Drama Queen Pinot Grigio.  Since I’m on an alcohol hiatus for the next 6 months, I figured we could get him his favorite for the night.  
If you’re a wino like me, you’ll appreciate that these wines come from award-winning winemaker Nancy Walker.  But there are several other reasons why we enjoy these wines: 1. They make those taste buds sing.  Bold but sweet flavors and a palate just right to pair with many foods. 2.  These new labels kill me!  Each wine has a fun name like “Wild One” or “Drama Queen”.  On the label, there will be a quote pertaining to that personality.  Then on the back of the bottle is a description of a “Drama Queen” that’s just hilarious.  I’m a sucker for a good laugh.  3. They  are priced very competitively.  Especially for how good they taste!  Whenever I’m in Kroger, Publix or Target I can grab a bottle for $10.  Can’t beat it.
 Anyways, back to our celebration style.  After Hudson goes to bed we make a picnic on the floor with our wine and food, start a movie, and dig in!  It’s a wonderful way to unwind from the day, as well as talk about our excitement and enjoy some delicious food.  This particular night we couldn’t stop gushing about our newest little love, whether it’s a he or she, and what kind of personality he/she is going to have.  Oh we can’t wait to find out!!
Cheers to being a future family of 4!!
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  1. That is a cute way to celebrate tradition!!! Thank you for sharing the wine with us, I'm not an alcohol lover but my partner loves wine so might surprise him one day with a bottle. Congratulations on baby number 2 🙂

  2. My Dad and I used to randomly do wine and cheese nights before I found out I was lactose intolerant. I'll have to skip the cheese, but I'm def gonna keep an eye out for this wine 🙂

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