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How to Stay on Track with a Healthy Lifestyle

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Well we certainly have a lot going on in our lives right now!  A new house AND a new baby, plus the normal everyday craziness.  For me, one of the most important things to stay sane through the crazy is to stay on top of my healthy eating and exercise.  How do I do that?  Let me tell you.  Here are my top tips for staying on track with your healthy lifestyle:
  1. Use a planner.  Every Sunday I sit down and write out my workouts for the week on sticky notes.  Then I attach one to each day of the week.  This way I have no excuse not to get my booty up and go.
  2. Drink plenty of water.  I carry a 32 oz. bottle with me everywhere and make sure I drink AT LEAST 4 of these.  
  3. Snack smart.  My snack of choice?  LARABARS.  Especially now that I’m pregnant, eating healthy is SO important.  So I have a LARABAR in my purse, my car, my diaper bag, and my gym bag.  Can’t ever be too prepared 😉
Why the LARA brand?  Oh let me count the reasons.  First, each bar is gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO free.  Secondly, there are nine or less ingredients in each bar.  For example, the Blueberry Muffin bar has blueberries, lemon juice, blueberry juice, vanilla, dates, cashews and vanilla.  That’s it.  No added sugars, no artificial flavors.  Just down-to-earth goodness.  That is why, as an athlete and as a woman nurturing new life, I choose LARABAR as my snack of choice.
What’s your favorite LARABAR flavor?

LARABAR was created from the belief that the founda[on of a sound mind, body and spirit comes from what you eat. This program is all about posi[oning LARABAR as a go-to snack that helps maintain a healthy and ac[ve lifestyle. 

Sponsored by Lara Bar

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  1. I need to do better about my water intake. Hoping my new water bottle will help! I've only had key lime pie flavor. It wasn't what I expected, but I want to try the chocolate chip since everyone has been raving about it.

  2. I'm with Brea, I LOOOOOOVE Larabars! My favorite flavors are cherry pie, strawberry short cake, peanut butter and jelly and…I probably should just say there isn't a Larabar I don't like.

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