Matching Mommy and Mini Outfits

Oh how I love matching my little man!  These mint goodies showed up on our doorstep on the same day, so I knew they were meant to be.  We went to Hudson’s favorite park and had a little Mommy and Mini matching photo shoot.

This All in Mint dress from Filly Flair made my entire week.  After a month of all-day sickness and overall feeling like poo, this was the exact pick-me-up I needed.  I am obsessed with the off-the-shoulder draped sleeves!  And because the sleeves are sheer it’s still a perfect piece to wear during the summer.  This dress is currently sold out, but you can put your email in for a reminder of restock.  In the meantime, check out the Watch Me Walk Away Keyhole Dress and the Boho Dream Top.

There’s nothing like a fun dress and booties to make a woman feel sexy again.  Am I right?  I also got these ankle booties from Filly Flair and am smitten kitten over them.  Comfortable, breezy, AND under $40?  It’s too good to be true.

Oh and the jewelry!  This bracelet from Lapis Beach is so unique.  If you’ve never heard of Lapis Beach, it’s a hand knit jewelry company.  They’ve been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Vampire Diaries to name a few.  As soon as I saw their website I knew I had to start my collection.  I mean, have you seen anything like it?  I haven’t and I LOVE it!  This piece is woven with Abalone shell and  Pyrite.  I also adore the Big Turquoise Cocktail Ring and the Lavender Cuff.

Ok, enough about me.  Let’s get to the cuteness.  A baby or toddler in bummies is the best thing. EVER.  Especially Little Adi + Co bummies.  I mean, just look at that little pineapple bottom.  I’m gonna have to add some of the Swim and Anchor Bummies to my collection.

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  1. OMG this is so adorable!!!! He looks so cute!!! I love matching with my daughter 🙂 we have so much fun with it!!!

  2. You two matching cuties look fantastic! No wonder you're smitten kitten with the booties. They are SO cute, and so is the dress.

  3. That is just adorable! My daughter loves when our outfits match!

  4. Haha so cute!! I need to do a matching photo shoot with my baby girl.

  5. Such a pretty dress! I love lace and that color… looks great with your eyes!

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