We Have Exciting News to Share…

Yup you read that right- we’re expecting!!!!  I still can’t believe it!  Baby Hughes #2 will be here late January, Lord help us all.  P.S. All photos done by the lovely Joleen Pete Photography.
How did we find out?  Well honestly I had no idea I was pregnant.  We weren’t planning it, that’s for sure.  I had a bachelorette party at the end of the month that I was SO looking forward to, we had just bought a house, we were SO busy (isn’t everyone?) and a million more reasons why waiting to have another made sense.  But then we’re sitting on the deck at the lake house and Jason says to me “Honey, I think you need to take a pregnancy test.”  I was taken aback- “Why?”  And he replied “Well you’ve been really mean to me and you’re taking naps, like, every day.”
Cue me laughing hysterically.  Because I had been mean to him.  Like, just looking at him made me want to punch him in the face.  And that’s SO not normal, I promise.  I mean, normally I really adore this hubby of mine.  So we ran to CVS and ta-daaaaaa those two pink lines screaming YOU ARE KNOCKED UP appeared. 
Then I started crying, also hysterically (hello hormones), because I was so excited.  I can’t wait to bring another little love muffin into this world!!  Especially with these two sweet men by my side.  I am already dreaming of that delicious newborn smell, and watching Huddy hold peanut for the first time, and seeing Jason’s face as he looks at his newest love!  Ahhhhhhhh!
I mean, can you handle it??
Side note: Let me preface this pregnancy with a warning, I am NOT a pregnancy unicorn.  I have friends who are, and if I didn’t love them so much, I would hate them.  You know the ones who don’t get nausea, or acne, or cellulite, and lose the baby weight, like, the next day postpartum?  Yeah that’s not me.  At about four weeks I started breaking out so bad I looked like the before picture for Acutane.  My hormones are so out of whack I don’t know what’s gonna come out of my mouth.  And the nausea…omg the nausea.  I had no idea I could have the urge to puke All. Day. Long.  Until 8 PM rolls around and then I want to EAT ALL THE THINGS.  Especially bread, Poptarts, cheese, ice cream, more Poptarts.  And maybe a donut.  
Overall, I am so excited about this next chapter in our lives, and even more ecstatic that you all get to be a part of it with us.  Thank you for all your love and support this past year.  *cue the crazy hormonal crying*

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  1. Ahhhhhh I'm so freaking excited!

  2. Ahhhhhh I'm so freaking excited!

  3. Hahaha!! I just love ya'll. cannot wait for our new friend!

  4. Ok, I'm so with you on the pop tarts. I swear pregnancy makes your body yearn for them!! Also, diclegis is a miracle drug to ask your OB about…zofran is a no-no now due to cleft palate risks but diclegis is amazing! I took it up until I was 14 weeks!

  5. How exciting! Congratulations. These photos are amazing. YOU look amazing. I just had my second about 2 months ago. I, too, had nausea everyday during the first trimester ALL DAY LONG. I took naps everyday when my 1st would nap (and I'm not a napper) AND my biggest cravings were Pop Tarts (still working my way through my stash), ice cream and doughnuts. God bless 'em. Still also trying to knock off the pregnancy weight but it's still early in the game. Yay babies! -Misty

  6. Congratulations! I am a new reader of your blog and I just adore it! I can't wait to hear all about the good, the bad and the oh so ugly on this wonderful journey!

  7. So excited for you! I remember at the blogger meetup you said, "How do you guys survive two kids?!", to Samantha and I… now you'll know! Congrats! I'll be praying for a healthy baby and a good pregnancy for you!

  8. Gorgeous pictures and I am so excited for you! It is so much fun watching our little men become big brothers, your heart will melt every day!!

  9. Yay for you!! I two out of three of my kids are those surprise babies and they are wonderful! Sending lots of wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy, and lots of pop tarts!

  10. Congratulations!! I'm not a pregnant unicorn either, I'm about 6 weeks away from baby #2 and it's been a journey but for all the reasons you mentioned, especially watching my husband meet his son for the first time, I am so excited with each passing week. I know the nausea is killer but know you have lots of people thinking and praying for you!


  11. Congratulations!! You have such a beautiful family already and this will only add to it.

  12. Congrats! So many of us bloggers are pregnant right now. Its going to be a very exciting 2015/early 2016!

  13. Congrats!! How exciting!! I remember the nausea oh so well. I was the exact same way and the only thing that would cure it would be a diet coke. I hate soda, but the carbonation really helped for me!!

  14. Congratulations Jess! That is so exciting and your photos are beautiful.

  15. OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS, JESS & FAM!!! <33 You are the cutest/funniest, and I love that your hubs was the one to detect it first LOL. But the symptoms do not like my cup of tea (or I guess anyone's, really), so I'm definitely waiting a few years before embracing the preggers life…

    Coming Up Roses

  16. Omg!!! Congratulations!!!! This was such a cute announcement to tell the world:)

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